Camera Stores…

If you live in the DC area you know there aren’t many camera stores to chose from. You can always go to Ritz camera, and waste your time with a bunch of store clerks that have no knowledge, or don’t care if they make a sale or not. Penn Camera is way better than Ritz (BY A LONG SHOT) Really, these guys actually know what they’re talking about, and can you believe it? The staff are actually photographers themselves.. pretty neat but still, IMO Penn Camera lacks a personal touch…..I don’t feel connected when I’m in there. I’m sure it’s not easy to be one of hundreds of people that come in to the store with a thousand questions, or with the intentions of fondling your gear.. Yes, I am that guy. I was playing comment tag on Facebook with my wife’s boss ( a Nikon shooter) and he recommended I visit ACE Photo in Ashburn, VA. The shop was to close at 8:00 and we arrived a little after 7:30. We spoke about cameras, lenses, landscape photo tours (more of this on the next entry) and rentals. The staff member was kind enough to give me a Nikkor lens 101 on some old lenses I had not used before, and let me use some new ones I am interested in. Here are some examples of the lenses I used at the store..

I know my wife didn’t like and won’t like the fact that I’m posting her as a subject in this blog…

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